Half Girlfriend......

Love at first sight.....

You suddenly see a beautiful girl dressed like a princess,

Your heart skips a beat, starts beating at the rhythm of her foot steps and also takes pauses in between when she smiles or gives a glimpse of her beauty.

All now your mind tells you is that.....,
She is the one you have been waiting for...
She is the girl whom you wish to be yours forever....

Seriously! I don't believe in this, but I do respect the person who experiences this, because I m not god.

Ok...! Now whats next?
You start making your way to her by making a conversation, greeting each other every morning, frequent meet ups and definitely you succeed in making her think about you. Later, one fine day you lay your heart open to her and propose her.

The big question now!

Do you really think that she will be as fast as you in deciding you as her life partner or soulmate??

Though you might have spent a good period of time with her, no matter how close you might have been to her, no matter even if she liked you so much, it is not necessary that she will be positive for you to be her soulmate so quickly, because it's you who had that magical moment uniting all your senses to make you believe that she is the one made for you and it's you who felt the vibrations of that moment in your heart for her and she never felt so for you. All that she knows and feels now about you is..... you love her and she is is enjoying your love. But still, she is  yet to figure out whether she also feels the same for you or not.

So, a girl will never ever give you a straight forward reply to accept you.
she will confuse you,
she will ditch you,
she will be more close to you but never commit,
she will annoy you,
she will move on with other guy
and if the girl is a really sensible, stable minded and really wishes from her heart to experience that particular fraction of second waala magical moment for you, the same way as you felt for her,
she will definitely ask you to give some time to this relationship.
The more she waits for that moment the more her love grows inside her for you.

This particular phase in a girls's life has been beautifully named as "walking halfway through her love".  Which means , at any point of time, she is always just half way through to reach your ultimate goal of winning her soulfully, though you might have reached the end where you have already made her your soulmate in your heart. May be that's why this movie has been titled "Half girlfriend"

Now tell me guys....!

How long can you wait for that girl ? There is no certainty that she will ever experience what you have experienced. 

Do you have that much patience to tolerate the uncertainty? 

How long can you hold up your love for her commitment? Hahaha ....that's the real test for your love at first sight!! 

Will you give up your love if she can never commit to you and moves on in life leaving you?? 

Can you create a magic to make her feel what you felt for her? 

What if she felt that moment for you when you have already moved on from her?

If you believe in this and wish to get answers for these questions.....,

Then just go and watch this movie right now if you haven't or watch it again with this thought in you if already seen and feel for yourself, what it feels to keep waiting and walking through your love to realize that you are still just half way through.


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